Thursday, October 13, 2011

Playing Catch-up

Back from Japan.  Koichi, Kayo, love you guys!  

Needless to say, traveling halfway around the world and back in a week has put me behind on work, so I'm now playing catch-up.  I intend to post everything I have done up to date in the next couple of postings an (and days).  

Yesterday we had a pin up of progress of our studio work, so I find it a good opportunity to post that here. Our third instructor and mentor Wes Jones has finally arrived in Berkeley and this pin-up was an effort to catch him up on our other "hut" iterations.

Jones asks the question "WTFDYTYAD" or "What the F%$# do you think you are doing?"

Below are my answers: 

\\ID: I am wandering lost in the desert.

 Desert Navigation Device: Beakon

 Precedent: White Noise/While Light: J. Meejin Yoon: MIT; Bus Station: Zaha Hadid; Co2LED: Jack Sanders, Robert Gay and Butch Anthony

\\Ego: I am trying to find my way. (Am I chasing my own tail? Am I stuck in a worm hole?)
What is the ideal man?

Hut for walking in circles to ponder.

Precedent:EVOLVER: ALICE studio: Switzerland; Serpintine Pavilion: Olafur Eliasson

\\Superego: Why are you asking?

We came from caves...can architecture be cavernous?

Precedent: Ensamble Architecture: Truffle House; Ryue Nishizawa/ Teshima Art Museum

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