Wednesday, October 19, 2011


\\Thesis prep design pin-up 1

Reality is radical; rad. This is reality after disaster; r.a.d.

Earthquakes. Floods. Landslides. Poverty. Crime. Riots...All reality, all radical and presumably, all found in Los Angeles; The City of Angles. Los Angeles has an explosive and radical history.  This puts LA in a unique position of being highly susceptible to a “worst case scenario” urban condition.  This threat was highlighted during the riots of the early 90’s.  Additionally, projected threats of sea-level rise, global warming, overpopulation all present themselves here.  This thesis does not seek to solve a problem or even answer a question but rather ask the question: what the hell are we going to do?

 First mapping of LA + design sketch.  Liquefaction; fault; income; neighborhoods; LA river.

Mapping of Long Beach port; aerial photo of containers.

Additional Precedents.

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